Web Links to Explore

Peer Tutoring:

Check Magee's VSB website for information on how to register as a tutor.

Kahn Academy:

Online resource for Math Videos and Practice


Mathematics Competitions

To sign up for Mathematics Competitions, please register at the Magee website:


Steven Wittens:  Hackery, Math & Design
  • Building and designing cool pieces of technology.  You'll find demos, designs, dev journals and other random musings.
  • PIMS 2014 Conference Slideshow:  bit.do/acko

Vi Hart:  Doodling in Math YouTube Channel

Syntopia: Fractal Illustrations
  • This blog is written by Mikael Hvidtfeldt Christensen, a physicist with a passion for computational chemistry, generative art, and complex systems in general.

Red Blob Games:
  • exploring visual and interactive ways of explaining math and computer algorithms, especially those used in computer games

Desmos Graphing Tool

  • I will be using this tool frequently in class.  It helps to familiar yourself with this application.  
  • Also available as an app download for Iphone and Ipad.